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World Information Architecture Day Los Angeles 2024 - Call for Proposals

World Information Architecture Day 2024, Los Angeles is looking for speakers!

The theme for 2024 is CONTEXT. 

Context is all around us. It shapes the meaning of all types of communication. Context facilitates effective communication. Without it, we can’t understand meaning. Context is fundamental to how we understand people, situations, and ideas. Context inspires the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of groups and individuals. It is the background information that allows people to make informed decisions. 

As information architects and experience designers, we study context, content, and users. We need to research context to fully understand what we are architecting: 

- Who is it for? - What are people using it for?
- When and why did it occur?
- On which devices or channels?
Finally, what are the expectations, experiences, or values that shape the context? These are the themes we will explore. 

When should you expect to hear back about a decision?

We are accepting session proposals from December 25 through end of day January 15, 11:59pm Pacific.
Proposals will be under rolling review. Ideally, we'll respond within 5 working days with additional questions or a decision. You should receive a response by January 21 at the latest.

What talk formats will be considered?

- Lightning talks (10 mins or less) - Short talk (20 mins + 10 min Q&A) - Workshop (1 hour)

Event details

World IA Day Los Angeles In-person, Venue to be confirmed Saturday, March 2, 10am - 3pm (Subject to change) Coffee, tea, and light snacks may be provided
Please reach out to Grace Lau at [email protected] with any questions.

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Other speakers

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