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Sign up to be a Board Officer with DIA Design Guild

Woo-hoo! DIA Design Guild is a California nonprofit! We're on our way to making this a 501c3 according to the US IRS.
Grace is using this form to identify the nonprofit DIA Design Guild's Officers and collect their names and addresses for filing purposes.
If you nominate yourself to an officer position, your information may be shared with the California Secretary of State when we file a California State of Information (aka annual report). Typically, a Statement of Information will have information about the business's registered agent (Grace) and its management or officers. According to California state law, this is required every 2 years.
Your information is secure and will be used for the purposes of nonprofit filing and where information about the nonprofit's directors are necessary. Your information will be deleted after 2 years. You will be asked whether you'd like to renew your board role every 2 years (which is how often this Statement of information is required).

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We're filing the Statement of Information with the State of California and it requires that officers be listed with a position. Here are the options that are available and some of the definitions that Grace has found online.
A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of their company. They are often in charge of tracking cash flow, analyzing strengths/weaknesses in the company's finances and overseeing all aspects of its financial success.
The Assistant to the CFO will be expected to account for and report on Federal, State and City Government grants and contracts, as well as contributions and grants from private donors. This position will support general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.
The Secretary is an active conduit for communication between board members. This individual is responsible for proactively collaborating with board members to set up meetings, giving proper notice of any meetings, and promptly distributing materials like agendas and minutes.
The role of the nonprofit board chair involves: Motivating other members to actively participate in and attend meetings. Ensuring the actions taken are in line with the organization's bylaws, goals, and mission. Serving as a primary point of contact for the organization's key executives and staff members.
May select multiple
Preferred Officer Position
Feel free to add what responsibilities you feel makes sense as part of the role you selected

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Would you be able to contribute financially to the nonprofit DIA?

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