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Mentor Introductions

Hello! We're collecting information to share with apprentices and to create mentor bios on the website.

General information


This is how your name will be displayed on the website.

Email address

Email will be used to introduce you and the apprentice. Will add this email to the DIA Mentor Google Group. Will not be used publicly on the website.


Use the closest large city or metropolitan area or country to indicate your timezone.

For the DIA website

Briefly introduce who you are and what motivates you

This will be used as your bio on the website.
You may want to cover the following in your bio: - Your current role or professional tagline
- Your company name or personal brand statement
- Your personal and professional goals and aspirations
- A relevant achievement or accomplishment - Something that describes who you are outside of work

Upload a picture of yourself

Profile picture is posted on the website. Suggested: 1200×1200px @72dpi

How can people find you online?

For Apprentice Introductions

This section collects information that apprentices can use to pick their top 3 mentor preferences.

What kind of an apprentice are you looking for or feel comfortable mentoring?

What areas of UX are you comfortable mentoring in?

What areas of UX are you comfortable mentoring in?

Anything else?

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